Joann Vu - Recovery Specialist with DC Communications

Joann Vu

Joann Vu is an accomplished collections professional who served a number of years in the United States Navy and studied business at Florida State College in Jacksonville. Her professional history in the collections field includes three years handling B2B collections for Collection Dynamics in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Joann Vu has also garnered considerable experience as a copywriter, handing a range of product description writing and editing functions for the e-commerce operations of Catfish Imports in Murphy, Texas. Her duties with Catfish also extended to art direction and Photoshop work.

Since November of 2016, Joann Vu has served as a recovery specialist with DC Communications in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This detail-oriented position requires an extensive knowledge of billing and collection procedures and the ability to facilitate interactions between clients and various financial interests. Ms. Vu also exercises her talent for organization, accurate data entry skills, and thorough understanding of QuickBooks and Excel in the role.